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What exactly is the purpose of Brain Stamp? 

It's easy. Here at Brain Stamp, we love to break down the complex world of psychology into smaller pieces. Our main goal is to create original content for high school students so that they can better understand the field and realize how awesome it is. Brain Stamp is ultimately a gathering place for psychology enthusiasts and other curious minds in high school to contribute their own ideas about psychology and to find informational articles that can serve as study tools. 


Why should I care about psychology? 

Psychology is the scientific study of human mind and behavior. It is the discipline that directly addresses the weird questions we often ask ourselves throughout our lives. Do our dreams have any meaning? Why do we love cute and adorable things? What would be the best way to learn all of the notes before a final exam? Psychology is about understanding who we are and using this knowledge to make society better. What can be better than that?

What can I do with a psychology degree? 

No matter where you go, you will always be surrounded by humans. So, it wouldn't hurt to have a good understanding of how the mind works. Sure, you may become a social worker, a psychologist, or a counselor. But studying psychology can also put you in the perfect place for a career in business, government, marketing, education, advertising, and many more! 

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