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Long Island High School Psychology Fair 2016 - Submissions

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Tell us about your project, get published here on Brain Stamp, and be a part of the online community!

We know that you have been working on these research projects for a very long time, and we are very curious to know about your ideas.

What did you study? What did you discover? What do you want your peers to know?

Submit your OWN article about your research project for the Long Island High School Psychology Fair via EMAIL to, along with your NAME(S) and ARTICLE TITLE.

Once submitted, the Brain Stamp Executive Editors will review, edit, and publish selected articles and include original graphics just for YOU!


  • One article per project (400-600 words)

  • Articles should include ALL parts of the Project Description; but please expand upon these parts and write like you are teaching your younger sibling about your project (i.e., make your article fun, interesting, and accessible by using colloquial terms)

  • More emphasis on overall ideas/concepts and impacts of your research than the statistics

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! This is truly an opportunity you don't want to miss, and we hope you contribute to our community.



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