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Hey, We're Featured!

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

We, the Co-Founders of Brain Stamp, are deeply honored to be featured on the Teaching High School Psychology blog! (Click on the blog name to check it out.)

The name of the blog gives it all: This blog is one the biggest resources for any teacher of high school psychology. Basically, the site is saturated with dedicated people who have a passion for spreading the study of psychology to others.

Hmm... sounds awfully like what we love to do here at Brain Stamp!

Here are some selected quotes from our interview:

Who motivated or inspired you?

Abby: I was first introduced to psychology informally in seventh grade. I was in a general accelerated course called SAIL, in which my teacher presented the class with videos or readings that he personally found interesting or enriching. Much of what he showed us was tied to psychology—for instance, we watched videos on change blindness and selective inattention, videos I found absolutely fascinating but couldn't explain why. When I finally took AP Psychology in tenth grade, everything made sense. Ever since, I've been absolutely enamored with psychology, and, as with everything I love, I take every opportunity possible to share it with everyone I can. Creating Brain Stamp seemed like an effective way to do so.

(Left to right: Abby Flyer and Yena Kim)

Yena: I’ve always loved to observe the way people interact with each other and with the world. Ever since I was little, my father encouraged me to constantly think about the “why’s” of individual differences in human behavior. When I entered high school, I became deeply involved in my school’s behavioral and social sciences research program and took my first psychology class. Through these experiences, I was able to study (some of) the answers to my endless list of questions and discover the complexity of what makes us who we are. Inspiration, for me, derived from all sorts of places—history, home, school, friends, the news, etc.; curiosity is what drove me to be here.

Thank you all for the love!

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